Is there a real benefit to saving money on those dollar menus?

It seems like the size and number of the $1 menus available around the nation continues to grow. But does that make them any more beneficial or any sort of true savings?

We all need a quick meal at some point, and obviously, the prices at more expensive restaurants are ones that really don’t fit into the standard budget. So, where can you go when there is a quick meal needed when you don’t have a refrigerator and cabinets full of groceries?

dollar menu

Luckily, there are plenty of places now that have some of those sandwich specials available, kind of like the Subway commercial that provided that healthy image for so long. Interestingly enough, most menus now show calories, though it has been known better to eat less throughout the day than to constantly count calories.

There are healthy options on fast food menus like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and most frequently Panera. Many of these also have drive-thrus, and the option to order online and pick up. So, with today’s technology the option for healthy food is becoming easier, leaving the only choice of those greasy burgers and fries out of the picture.





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