OK… two horrendous mass shootings within 24 hours. Where do we go from here?

Of course, there is no one to blame, but there is a door that has certainly opened up over the past couple of years. I have to say that Trump’s rhetoric and tendency to say that there are “good people on both sides” of any event present the possibility of these evil individuals thinking that it is alright. That is will just fall by the wayside if they unload a magazine onto a mall full of Mexican-Americans.

And those are not the only people who fall victim to this. Everyone in our country is a victim of this mindset. All of the fear and depression that we all risk is a complete danger. Without any real action being taken by the head of our legal system all of this could just start happening more and more.

I know that I can’t figure out what to say. There is almost no real response or any specific word that can be used to describe what happened. I know that when the shooing in El Paso happened on Saturday there was something inside me that feared another horrible event within a short period of time. And it happened in just about 13 hours… less than an hour from my home.

I think my only real reaction is Holy Shit! I know that is not the prayer or peace that most people think is necessary, but there is more shock than anything felt inside me. I almost don’t want to ever leave my house again. What about the rest of you?


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