Do we have the potential to remove guns from the streets?

So, we are started on impeachment questions, with some other issues that were so important to congress before all of this got worse. Can we get anything done with a ridiculous, cartoon-like president who wants to stomp around like a toddler on a rampage? At least when Clinton was being impeached in the 90s, there was a separation of the issues.

Could there be a way to still get anything functional done during the day within congress? I know that most of them are on recess right now, so it is hard to anticipate what things will be like, but most of all I want to know what sort of idea Trump could have about anything being about other details than his drama.

So, he can fling himself around in front of the media that he wants to claim to be corrupt, considering the fact that they are the ones who present his story to the rest of the world. It’s the most ironic condition, especially thinking that the media are the ones he considers to be so fake (unless they are loyal to his purposes), along the same lines of the administration employees that have been continuously traveling through the revolving doors of the WH over the past couple of years.

So, do we have loyalty to the president becoming the most important thing to hold onto a job? To watch for a position with voters? Is there something more worrisome than the status of our nation’s democracy? Has Donald Trump been able to make himself the most important topic of the government and every moment of the media throughout the day?

I know that I’m as guilty as anyone of it… constantly watching the progression of the inquiry and what might happen next. So, what’s next?

Will our Congress actually come back into office with more in mind than the impeachment inquiry? Will they be able to divert their attention to other topics that can work for the safety of our nation and other things like shootings and White Supremacy? Gun laws have the ability to help with that!


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