Even more for women to respond to regarding our pig of a president…

There is much to consider when it comes to many of the phone calls and the orders that were placed upon the women working in the administration throughout the past couple of years.

With so much of the information that is starting to arise regarding Trump’s phone calls, text messages within members of the WH administration, and more, there is also information about misogynistic references that he continually makes to the women who are supposed to be playing respected roles on his team. The women who are expected to be loyal and supportive of all his crazy needs and requirements are constantly referred to as “honey” and “sweetheart” when they are asked to do his dirty deeds.

Something about this is starting to sound so much like what I was most concerned about if he were to become president. I knew the race in 2016 was a unique one, because the votes for Clinton would be tough, and too many people wanted to place Trump on a pedestal simply for the fact that he is a rich white man who has the ability to claw his way to the top with the coins he has in his own pocket from the beginning.

And now there are a number of women that have been expected to be is sort of harem in the White House. Even though some of them have come and gone, because having the strength to tell him that there were risks in some of the things he was doing and saying they end up forced right out the front door just like the others. If they are unwilling to be submissive and silent then they are no good for Trump.

And now it’s coming back to bite him in the… well you know!


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