So many ideas about the Whistleblower

There is so much to consider at this point regarding the Whistleblower. I have to say that I hold an incredible amount of respect for this person who was able to come forward with their suspicions about the activity taking place inside the White House.

With so much having gone on for months or even years now, there have to be so many more potential people who have seen things with which they don’t agree. I know that I have never seen Trump as even slightly morally or ethically stable in the business world, much less in politics.

Watching him stand up and lash out like an absolute moron in request of Russia’s investigation into Clinton back in 2016, the things that were taking place with Ukraine were clearly leading along the same path for the 2020 election.

There is so much more to come as well. I have to wonder with all of the information that was just recently released over the past couple of days in the interviews with Volker and the ICIG, there has to be plenty of potential for any others to start coming forward.

I even heard earlier that there is possibly another Whistleblower who is considering coming forward with additional information. This could be even further holes dug for the incrimination of our ridiculous, completely unqualified president.

What do you think? Will there be at least one more claim coming out? Are there more than that? I have a feeling there is more Trump dirt flying around out there than ANY he could have possibly hoped that Ukraine or China could have dug up on Biden or the other democrats.


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