So we have tariffs coming from China… but did Trump want more from Xi?

So, with all the back and forth over the past week or so, I will admit that it seems to me that the president is just digging himself deeper and deeper into the hole of impeachment.

One slip up after another seems to just come flying out of his mouth as he admits to the things that he has said or asked of other nations in regard to investigating his political rivals. Even after he had previously admitted asking Zelensky to investigate Biden, he tossed out a question to the media of asking China to do the exact same thing!

We have a man sitting in the Oval Office who seems to think that he has the ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants! It’s almost as though he has some illusion of the presidency as some authoritarian role that puts him above and beyond the rules of democracy that were put in place by our founding fathers.

Does he honestly believe that no matter what, he continually lie and forage his way through the day? That being the president means that he can simply dust off his collar of whatever horrid thing he did the day before and it will just float away?

Well, I can say that there are many things to consider now that we are at least to the point of an impeachment inquiry in congress. I have to wonder where we will go with the next steps of this questioning, while there are plenty of people who have offered up some information, there are still incredible efforts by the WH to stonewall the investigation.

How far will it have to be taken in order for the Republican senators and reps to realize that there is nothing left worth holding onto in the Trump administration? Let’s see…


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