With a real estate investor in the Oval Office… What happened to infrastructure?

There was a topic on the news earlier today, at least the mention of one that seemed quite interesting to me. Something that made this quite interesting started with the fact that one of the promises made by this moronic president was the incredible improvement that he intended upon the infrastructure of our nation.

With so much that was intended to be updated regarding the highways and housing all across our nation, the focus of the government has been much more about loyalty to the president himself. Trump’s personal life has been the focus of those who have been in the WH sitting around him, and those who have made the effort to tell him any of the places where he steps awry of the quality activity of a president of a democratic nation they are pushed to “resign.”

Trump wants to push the idea that other politicians of the past (i.e. Biden and his son) made the attempt to profit from their time in office. But what about the Trump family? With all of the lawsuits that still sit upon some of the Trump real estate companies, they continue building around the world, pushing his name as president of the largest nation in the free world to help enlarge his corporation.

Playing some sort of dramatic picture that presents the American economy as being in the best place it’s been in history, and that we are the strongest military that we’ve ever been… something doesn’t add up. The people of our great nation have been ignored by the president who is supposed to be working for the safety and security of the American people. The man who is supposed to be protecting the basis of the Constitution simply ignores the values that sit right there on the Statue of Liberty. Our Constitution.

Supposedly we are going to have another Civil War? Does he honestly believe that is the truth? Does he believe that everything that comes out of his mouth, or onto the Twitter board, is the truth perpetuated onto the American people? Is Trump in honest belief that he is the be-all and end-all of the updated American values?

Something tells me that he does believe it.


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