Creating a Social Media Brand for Politics…

Well, where do we go from here? We know at this point that there is a risk in the social media battle when it comes to political marketing for our nation. Other nations can hack into campaign marketing, or even buy their way into some of our leading political campaigns.

It’s clear that Trump has had a brand of his own for years, having transferred that into his use of Twitter throughout his time in the Oval Office. It definitely seems like some of the country simply accepts that “Trump is Trump,” while the issue of the Impeachment Inquiry is bringing the issue of his morality to the topic.

Where else would his brand take him if he were able to keep his seat in the White House? Could the brand become more erratic than it already is? More authoritarian? Careless?

What do all of you think? I mean… after everything that he’s done over the past couple of years it is hard to anticipate what could be done for (or eliminated from) the country from a man who has been avoiding his actual role as a world leader. Personal goals?

Tell me what you think!

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