More on Feminism…

All those incredible women elected into government this year!

What more do you think there is about feminism that is shown in the growth of our nation? Maybe in the growth of the world?

There seem to be certain changes that are not so feminist, although many women over the past couple of years have been able to stand up for themselves against the men who harassed them. So, we have moved on to having over a hundred women elected into Congress, and there needs to be much more said about that.

Something about it states the fact that even the men in our nation feel that those women have the skills and strengths to represent them in the House and Senate. Even after watching the documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsberg on CNN, there is much to be said for having women all throughout the government.

I know that I don’t feel much about having the women who are willing to kiss the ass of a president like Trump in order to make their way, but there is something about the women who are willing to work their own asses off in order to make it up to that status.

Now we also have the incredible number of women who are working their way into the 2020 presidential election. There may not be much to say about all of them in combination, but there is something that it says about the potential of American women overall and how far our country has come over many years.

So, where does feminism go now? Are we able to continue growth in this area? What is the top of the ladder for women in the feminist list of goals? Is it the role of president? Is there something else that would possibly mean that feminism has been fulfilled? That women are able to do completely everything that they want?

I know this sounds like a bit of ranting and raving from a looney toon, but there is something about this that brings a great question to me. I would hate for the idea, the theory, of feminism to fade away based on the idea that a woman has reached the top leadership role in the country.

What do you think? Feminism continues to grow? Even continues on and on?

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