Even More than Student Loans, Younger Generations are Drowning in Credit Card Debt

Although there has been a presentation of an amazing job market and economy throughout the last year or so, there is much more to it than that. So many large corporations what to hire contractors alone, without the requirement to provide insurance and other benefits.

Then, there is the growth of the gig economy, adding to the freedom of the independent business owner. So much is involved in that, something of which I know from my own perspective.

However, there is so much to face after college finishes. Even with the excitement of that degree, there is so much to see in the financial needs of life. One of these is repaying student loans. So many students across the nation are left with the need to take up loans in order to make their way into the classroom.

One of the most amazing stories to have seen on the news recently was the presentation of an overwhelming commencement gift provided by the speaker at Morehouse. This billionaire made the wonderful choice to pay off every penny of student debt held by the entire class of 2019, something never seen before.

With all of the negative news hanging over our heads on a daily basis, this was something able to bring a breath of fresh air to the American people. Especially knowing that the college graduates of the 21st century leave school already flooded with credit card debt on top of student loans, it is amazing to see what these kids may be able to have in order to move forward with some comfort in life.

This leaves me so much more to think about in all of the passions in life that feel much more important than the financial concerns that take over all else. Maybe there will be something like that helping me in some manner somewhere down the line, leaving me without the same level of ridiculous worries that already exist.

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