Non-Toxic Pesticides for Landscaping

There are many different options for organic, non-toxic pesticides in maintaining your home landscape and garden. With the use of these non-toxic pest control methods there are several advantages, including a lower expense, reduced health damage on pets and family members and being better for the environment.

There is one strongly effective option to battle off certain bugs, caterpillars, worms and other mild pests with tobacco or nicotine spray. If you can mix one cup of natural tobacco with one gallon of water you can naturally protect some of your flowers and other plants. Create the mixture, let it sit about 24 hours, check that it is about the color of weak tea and spray on flower or plant gardens. However, make sure not to use this on gardens with tomatoes, peppers or other members of the solanum vegetable family, as the plants will also be killed by exposure to tobacco. non toxic pesticides 2

There are some other household items that can be mixed together to create natural sprays or solutions for insecticides and pesticides in your gardens. One option is combining one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with vegetable oil to help ward off white flies, spider mites and other aphids by spraying directly on the insects. There is also the option of mixing liquid dishwashing detergent with one cup of rubbing alcohol in one quart of water, and this solution can be sprayed directly on the leaves of plants to help prevent attack of various pests. There are also other liquid detergent mixtures that can be created in order to protect various types of plants from different pests and insects that may overcome your garden.

Another item that can be a solid preventative core ingredient is garlic. It can be mixed with raw onions in the blender to create a puree, then soaked overnight in warm water and sprayed on such plants as roses, fruit trees and other flowers. Sometimes this can be made into a paste with wood ashes and applied to tree trunks to help prevent aphids and apple borers. Garlic can also be soaked in mineral oil overnight, then strained and sprayed directly on pest-infested plants.

Additionally, some easy combinations right out of the refrigerator can be made from baking soda and vegetable oil, milk and water, beer and apple cider vinegar. While the mixtures of these ingredients need to be made at specific ratios and sprayed onto plants every few days, they are safer for your children and pets and much better for the environment!

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