Looking Back at the Story of a Woman Harrassed by Police for Feeding Homeless Man

(“The Hill”) – reported that a US woman had the cops called on her for giving food to a homeless man…

I came across this article the other day and I realized that it had simply slipped from my memory. Even though there is a great deal of conversation held, or even arguments, about the treatment of the homeless in our city and the nation, something like this has just fallen by the wayside.

Are the homeless the ones being mistreated? Are those who try to help the homeless being mistreated for the time and effort they offer to those who are truly in need?

I have to wonder about the idea of equality of man and freedom that our nation what founded upon. While democracy had presented the notion of every man having the right to speak for himself, it seems as though individuals who may have made a couple of mistakes in their life are pushed aside when they are able to finally find the courage to stand up and ask for help.

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of visiting a homeless assistance center in Northern Kentucky. These people provide such caring support to those who are homeless that it is amazing to see what their efforts are able to do. Working to help them take showers, with a warm place to sleep in the winter, find work, and get started again in the world when a previous mistake may have led them in the wrong direction.

I have to admit that I hope to have the benefit of writing more about this center and some of the others in the area who make such huge steps in giving back to our society. We have an incredible number of non-profits and charities working for the benefit of the community!






Connection back to a similar story in Georgia, December 2017:


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