Anusara yoga and your overall alignment

With many different types of yoga that can help with strength and flexibility, there is much more to gain specifically from Anusara yoga and its help as a therapeutic tool for the hips and lower back. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is definitely something that I am going to start working on!

Anusara yoga: Hatha yoga in the Anusara style Spiral-bound bookWonderful exploration of the STILL functional Universal Principles of Alignment. Alignment allows your practice to advance and go deeper while avoiding injury. And, alignment is the basis of yoga as therapy for existing injuries. Practicing with good alignment enables yoga to deliver on its promise of being a system of health, vitality, and restoration. Your time on the mat will be therapeutic and structured to avoid injuries.

Yoga Alignment Principles and Practice: An anatomical guide to alignment, postural mechanics, and the prevention of yoga injuries – There are many, well-written anatomy books that basically describe what muscles are being engaged in each posture. What makes this text unique and an essential guide to asana practice is that it goes beyond simply naming parts to present clear and concise principles for how the body correctly moves and aligns. This book supports all styles of yoga and all levels of practice. It provides insightful tips and answers to many questions that arise for both teachers and students alike. Its concepts are user-friendly and presented from yoga’s point of view.

And then, you have the ability to record your own advance through learning Anusara Yoga and how much your improvement is over a course of about 8 to 12 weeks. The Anusara Yoga Journal: 12 Week Journey includes within each week:  A Practice Challenge Success Page, A Daily Class and Breakthrough Page, Body Mind and Soul Daily Self Care Page, Daily Gratitude Page, 7 Reflections Pages, and Notes.

With all of this, you have the ability to work on your overall alignment with the improvement for both your hips and lower back if they have ever been injured in the past or if you acquire sore muscles in the positions where you sleep, sitting uncomfortably, or much more. Improved alignment can help you remain much more comfortable in many ways.

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