Coronavirus and education

I just heard that schools in many areas are likely closed for the rest of the school year… with the potential of this getting worse it could end up being the rest of the calendar year. This may be only for a few states (including mine), or from the governors who are taking the most caution in regard to the COVID-19 outbreak, but many other questions arise in response.

It was the governor of my own state, and this makes me question many things. What does this look like for teachers? I know that one of my jobs is teaching composition at a local community college and enrollment, if not eliminated, will at least reduce. So, much like myself, what will teachers have to consider for their jobs for the rest of the year? Then, what about parents who need to support their families and also having to be home to care for their children for such a long time?

Given all of this time that will potentially continue chaos, even though we can’t predict the future, it is frightening for many people, especially parents. If you have children, they are the most important part of your life and they require the most attention and care, for their health and wellbeing.

So, what will we be able to do to come back from what has already happened so far? It will likely get worse before it gets better, even for the fact that schools will be closed on top of other buildings like corporate workplaces, restaurants, and many others.

I know that I hate to think that this could place a delay or some sort of reduction on the value of education that children receive because they have to do it from home on their own. Not all of the children in this country have the technology to attend online classes and complete online assignments. And not all of them can maintain the focus to complete assignment packets that would have been sent home with them at the end of last week.

Parents, I can only think about all of you as you work to raise your young children as calmly and positively during such a chaotic and crazy time.

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