Coronavirus and the economy

So, how many of you have been looking at the economy in response to the coronavirus outbreak here in the United States? Well, our president has seemingly been much more focused on what this is doing to his apparently amazing economic impression… at least in his own mind.

After about a month or so of simply sluffing off the appearance of this virus, something could have been done to at least recognize its reality in other parts of the world. However, we have a president who thinks that he is above the law, and maybe his perspective of the issues that he will have to deal with as leader is the same.

Did he think that even though countries like China and South Korea having to manage the influx of this virus meant that it was something that would NEVER make it to the U.S.? Is that possible? It was like he really thought that he was more concerned about presenting himself as someone who has increased the economy and number of jobs in our country.

We may be getting an improved recognition of the urgency of this and the need for leadership to help manage this issue. It’s interesting to hear that the news is discussing the tone upheld by others who have continued to mention that many safety barriers are needed for the lives of the American people.

I wonder about the need to discuss health as much as economic. We are starting to see the urgency… so will we be able to get the non-partisanship that is mentioned in these conferences? Trump constantly takes a backlash at Democratic leaders, though maybe it is time to stop Tweeting some of those harsh comments and step up as the leader of the nation who is willing to support the needs of ALL of these state leaders.

I know I look forward to seeing what more will happen by the end of the day. Things change by the hour!

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