OK… Another immediate rise! What should we all do?

I admit that I am on a rampage about the Coronavirus, but we could have prepared for this sometime earlier when we knew it was coming from the other side of the world. With the radical wave of this virus overtaking China and then Italy, we could have easily presumed the course it would take in the U.S. upon seeing the very first case.

At this point, only an hour or so since my last post, the increase of COVID-19 cases nationwide has increased from 16,500+ to 17,750+ along with 215 deaths to 225. If these sorts of numbers don’t reach the people who seem to ignore the reality of this disease, there is something that needs to be done across the country, especially because of where the virus may be transferred from a vacationer to the travelers on a plane, and then their parents, grandparents, and other family members when they return home.

So now I can only think of one more effective message than anything that came from a friend of mine as seen on social media recently. She stated quite simply, but effectively, “Stay. The Fuck. Home.” Do you think you are able to follow the instructions of the CDC, likely of your governor (especially since 4 states have now taken it upon themselves to put statewide shelter-in-place orders in action) or mayor, and even more the recognition of common sense? Stay at home unless absolutely necessary, and keep a safe distance from others!

Good luck to all of you, and stay safe and healthy. But, if we all work on this together we will slow the curve in cases across our nation.

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