A new COVID-19 test with fast results is almost ready!

Making this one short and sweet, there is finally something positive to present about what the news channels have been able to report. When talking about so many different companies that have been offering up there services on at least a certain level to donate whatever sort of medical equipment they can to local hospitals, there is more about a newly developed COVID-19 test.

A company has been working vigorously to complete this test with quality, and it is expected to be ready to ship within the next week. This test will supposedly provide results in only 45 minutes, and it could likely provide some much safer testing processes that will be able to reduce the amount of PPE used within the locations that are completing these tests.

Hopefully, this will provide a much more reduced need to scramble around worldwide, as stated by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and hopefully, the overall medical industry of our nation will start to move steadily. We can only hope that the production of other PPE and ventilators will also be completed on a rate that they are needed to help keep our nationwide hospital staff healthy and working for the benefit of patient care.

We can only look forward to the improvement of testing nationwide hopefully, to start getting our overall results and motivating everyone even more so with the ratio that the virus spreads. It should continue to improve, and we will all have much to look forward to over the next few months.

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