Assisting the healthcare response to Coronavirus

It is important to note that about 4 of 5 people who test positive have gotten the virus from someone who isn’t aware they have it. This means something like they have never been around someone with symptoms or a person who even feels they are at risk in any way. These factors also mean that there is much to consider about all of us working as though we do have the virus. From day to day, it is important for every single person to walk forward while considering the protection of every other American who may be at risk of catching this virus.

Even more importantly, the lack of some medical equipment can make things like testing and healthcare are still important for those who may need to worry about their own health or that of others around them. At this point, it seems much more important to care about our neighbors as Americans, hopefully minimizing the division that we have all seen in such a serious manner over the past few years.

Luckily, it has been great to see many stories arrive on the news about people whose lives have been thrown out of whack with a change to online work or removal from restaurants and many people are working to continue communication and entertainment with those in their lives through these required methods.

So, even more than actual healthcare in hospitals and doctors’ offices there is much to gain in how the American people are at least caring for one another for our basic needs. Good luck and good safety to everyone around the country and world!

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