Questions regarding the expected increase in COVID-19 cases nationally

You may have seen the incredible spiked increase in Coronavirus cases over the last week. There were only a little over 1,000 cases nationwide last Friday, though with a massive increase in testing across the country we are now at almost 24,000, about half of which exist primarily in New York. And it is important to keep in mind that the numbers you would see presented on any news show or presentation channel increases solidly every hour.

Another important factor includes the number of deaths that continue to increase by the hour. We have made it to the point of 300 deaths in the United States alone. Luckily we have not reached the height of what was seen in other countries, especially with the near 13,000 deaths worldwide that have come from over 304,000 global cases.

It would seem that if we are about to have improved testing for COVID-19 or other viruses that everyone on a certain campus or in a certain city would be prepared to handle the fear of these oncoming issues with the same amount of safety. Considering the number of cases that are presented to the nation and world as having risen so quickly, it would be helpful for all of those who are prepared to fight the spread of this virus to speak up for the safety and health of everyone throughout our nation.

This is one of those things that is hard to review across the nation, especially as the role played by this virus changes in various cities and regions along with the strength that it has on the American people as a whole. With all of this, many of us are ordered or at least in need of staying home much more often in order to avoid the community spreading of this virus between our beloved neighbors.

So, have you been able to receive answers to your overall questions regarding the overwhelming COVID-19 when you watch the news? When you inquire the resources of your physicians or instructors? I can only admit that I am not extremely knowledgeable of this fact and issue, though many people around our nation provide quality nation about what should be avoided from the Coronavirus, what symptoms you may need to watch for, and much more than that.

Good luck, good health, and good safety to everyone!

Sara 🙂

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