Can American hospitals handle the oncoming number of Coronavirus patients?

So, hearing from the news today, there is much to consider of the hospitals in the cities and states most condensed with COVID-19 cases, in need of medical equipment to help make sure that care will be completed fully.

The greatest question from state governors at this point exists to when and where from the federal government will have PPE, ventilators, beds, and all necessary equipment produced and shipped. Given the fact that the answers from press briefings every day have been pretty vague, there have been harsh replies by some governors based on the requirement that the president places on them to do this work.

Now, we have to find out much more as additional states nationwide continue to gain the requirement for people to stay at home. Considering the increasing cases that happened in California, New York, Illinois, and Connecticut initially, many other governors have been following along with that regulation to keep people at home for the health safety of everyone.

Hopefully, with more states working in this manner, there will be a much better ability for hospitals to support those who are in absolute need of emergency care. Without having everyone nationwide randomizing around possibly too close to everyone, we may have the ability to reduce the spread of Coronavirus around all the American people.

We can only with the best of safety and health for all of the people in America. Remember that the “Can” of Americans is the most important thing for all of us to pick up and work to remove the spreading of the disease in total.

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