Shout out to Women within the Coronavirus – It’s YOUR month of recognition

While we are in the midst of Women’s History Month, there is now much more contemporary worry to be had. Despite all of the amazing work that women throughout American history. With many incredible activist women throughout history having fought the battle of patriarchy and civil rights, there is a whole new war to be won.

In the face of the Coronavirus and its potential tidal wave over the entire nation and our healthcare system, so many of our beloved women place their lives at risk for the care of others. It is so important at this point that we now recognize all of the women in healthcare and other industries who are now placed in the face of Coronavirus and putting their own lives at risk in order to leave the house for work every day.

I heard a post on FB today of a female law provider who lost her life simply for completing her daily work on the streets of her hometown. At this point, there are so many realities that must be brought to the table, including the risks that everyone have who are working on the frontline of this pandemic.

It’s wonderful to remember all of the amazing women in history who have helped to gain so many freedoms and rights for us all, but now we must work to support the lives of all the women out there working their tails off for our nation. They fought to have the right to be in those positions so many years ago, and now the rest of the nation should support all of the doctors, nurses, early responders, police officers, and anyone else considered essential who can keep this country alive during this crisis.

I can only reinforce my own claim to everyone who may visit my site to practice social distancing and stay at home as much as possible.

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