Stopping COVID-19: Stay at home

I will admit that I just watched the daily briefing offered by Governor Cuomo of New York. I have to say that I respect the message that he sends out to the public about the status of this situation and where everything stands. One of the continued messages from the governor, his staff, and even videos from actors and other well-known Americans is to stay at home.

It may be hard to think about the requirement to stay at home, especially if you have been instructed to do so without the ability to go to work or see your loved ones or others close to you. However, there is really only one way to truly stop the spread of Coronavirus. Luckily, with the data collected from the hundreds of thousands of cases that have come up around the world, there is more information on how long the virus lives in the air, on different surfaces, and who may be most at risk to it.

With the need for more medical research and medical care for those who have already been exposed to the virus or are even in the hospital, we need to keep the medical staff of all hospitals healthy and safe. This means that the spread needs to be slowed down. The more patients they need to test and care for without enough personal protective equipment puts their health and even lives at risk.

Considering the fact that this message is not presented as strongly by the federal government and what they are asking of the country, I was touched more by this message. Seeing a leader who cares so much for his people makes me think about the fact that the governor of my state has also placed an order to stay at home. I also think, with my own mother working as a nurse, that this is the most important thing to do for all healthcare workers who are serving on the frontlines to battle this horrible event. There are plenty of ways that you can keep yourself productive, active, and entertained at home… we can all come up with some of those ideas together and share them!

All I ask of you is to stay home in an effort to kill the Coronavirus.

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