A call to Americans – Come together as a community for one another!

I recently saw an amazing post on LinkedIn News from one of the editors about ways that many Americans are coming together to help our entire nation through the days that drive so many of us into fear and stress. Even if we aren’t facing Coronavirus as a patient, there are many ways we can help the others around us who are right in the middle of the war.

Take a look at some of the recommendations that were offered right there on LinkedIn including efforts to donate time, skills and money are beginning to spring up across the country to help weather this crisis. Here are some things you can do:

  • Stay home as much as possible. Social distancing can save lives right now.
  • Don’t stockpile for weeks or hoard food. It can put the most vulnerable at risk.
  • Support local businesses like restaurants, bars, and cafes in your neighborhood who offer takeout and are providing local fundraisers. Even gift cards or prepay services support other local businesses.
  • Donations to Relief International and Heart to Heart International help tackle the medical supplies shortage we are facing, and there are other organizations helping many people in need in some way right now.
  • Support children through organizations like No Kids Hungry, UNICEF, First Book, and others supplying the needs of children with their schools closed.
  • Find the elderly or immunocompromised in your community and offer help, and Shopping Angels has a volunteer network to help those in need, along with collecting donations.
  • Some others include a New York volunteer service of Invisible Hands for shopping volunteers as well, and the American Red Cross is there across the entire nation for everyone.

The editor closes her list with the note of a Google doc that has sprung up to share all of the local volunteer efforts around the country and another master list of mutual aid groups. All we can do is take the time to share our caring spirits in one way or another with the others in our communities or the organizations helping with national and global recovery from COVID-19.

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