So, how far into this pandemic have we run? See what the WHO says…

Even the World Health Organization recognizes the continued spreading of the Coronavirus pandemic. With the number of global cases growing faster than ever, Trump continues with his hopes that putting Americans back to work at intervals across the nation. However, it has also been noted by experienced physicians that this virus doesn’t recognize borders and will sneak its way across all lines. For those who live with a high-risk individual, it would be hard to work with the potential of carrying the virus home with the risk of further stress on healthcare rather than focusing on stopping the pandemic.

Potential test of immunization by those who have actually faced the virus on their own and made it through without suffering horribly. There are also tests starting today for the possibility to treat COVID-19 cases with various drugs. With these being existing drugs that the medical world already knows so well, there are many possibilities of collecting the necessary data of these studies. It could all help work with the hope for the fastest movement to treat the virus, with the ability to hopefully protect further of these massive spikes in other areas of the country.

And what do we face at this point in New York City? Governor Cuomo faces the questions of his entire state every day in the attempt to battle the crisis. With the tidal wave of COVID-19 cases that this city and state expect, there is much for the rest of the country to consider when it comes to the intervals that the pandemic will be moving along.

Good luck to everyone, and we can all take it of ourselves to keep up the orders to stay at home and practice social distancing. Everything that the medical experts are presenting online and on television, we should all be prepared to work forward to help eventually decrease the density of these cases.


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