Stimulus still sits unresolved

At this point, we sit here with the battle between two sides of Congress and the administration over a stimulus package that will support the American people in the face of this healthcare crisis. Now, we have another issue that arose last night as the worry over Coronavirus and this financial agreement at the same time.

It appeared that there were continued questions, even the idea that it was more questions than answers without the agreement completed. I have been following this for days, staying in my house as instructed, and hoping for the best work and benefits available for my country. What do you think would come of this at a time when it has been presented by Senators and Representatives that they are close to an agreement? The president threw out the offer of re-opening the economy WITHIN WEEKS while he was on the podium for a press briefing. WEEKS?!

Again, I often tell you all that I rarely write in all caps like that. But, this time I want to yell in fury. The health of our people will not be improved within weeks. Sending more people around to their jobs would have the potential of passing this virus around the nation. With COVID-19 increasing so quickly in dense cities like New York, we have plenty to consider with what can happen.

New York City is calculated as being about 10 times greater than the rest of the country currently. With their spike growing much higher and faster than other locations, there is a fear that we may face issues like this across the rest of the country if we relax the “social distancing” measures and even start opening businesses under the assumption that younger people aren’t at risk of the Coronavirus and would be able to simply get back to their everyday lives.

We can only hope that the stimulus will be completed soon, making everyone much more comfortable in the wait time that we need to have in staying at home and remaining apart from one another until we have a hold on this pandemic. I can only continue to hope that all of you are able to follow through with that, and even share that message with others!

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