Is Coronavirus a sign for global change?

We knew before this disease even made it to the United States that it had been taking over several other countries around the world with a murderous threat. Even much clearer than terrorists that overtook some of our airline flights in 2001, we had a great view of what this little virus was doing to Eastern nations in the last quarter of 2019, though our government made no real effort to prepare.

This leaves me with one question… Should we all be working together globally in much greater collaboration when things like this happen? What is the purpose of placing blame on China for the launch of the Coronavirus on the rest of the world? Is there any reason at all to blame anyone for anything when it comes to the result that the Coronavirus has on our nation at this point? I know that my answer to these questions is a point-blank “No.”

I have to wonder what this supposed sluff off of the incredible weight of this virus on our nation by the country’s leader will do for the overall outcome of this pandemic. Do you know? Do you have any plans on what you will be able to do in order to overcome all of the stressors and negativities of this horrid event?

I would love to hear from any and ALL of you about what you think would be helpful to everyone. So many of us have had our lives thrown into a whirlwind of change, trying to manage EVERYTHING at one time during the daytime from home. I know that I have grown even more attached to the news shows all day long that cover many of the reports of this pandemic and the many stories of families, communities, and many others affected so directly.

Do any of you have direct stories that you would like to share? I have to admit that I have become so intrigued by the hard work that so many people have risen up to face during this time, for others as well as their own families, that I would love to have your story to write about (or even just to hear).

Good luck to all of you. Stay safe and healthy and feel free to send me any notes about what you would love to share with me about your time in COVID-19!

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