Facing COVID-19: Hospitals preparing for patient prioritization measures

Listening to the national battle against the Coronavirus outbreak on a daily basis, one of the hardest things I find throughout all of this reporting is the lack of protective gear for the healthcare workers across the country that are working to save the health of all Americans. It becomes even more and more of an argument with the president about his decision to involve the administration in the production and distribution of all the essential medical equipment. Then, on tonight’s briefing, there was a claim that a New York hospital was hoarding materials or doing something even worse. Possibly even stealing some of these based on the number of items they now need to order for the care of COVID-19 patients, or even working in areas of the hospital where there is no knowledge of whether patients have tested positive or not.

How could the attempt of medical workers to keep themselves safe be some sort of crime? This includes the proper use of masks, gowns, and other PPE from one patient to the next and more. This is definitely one claim that I hate to hear, even though it was nice to know that the input of medical advisors on the team has convinced him to extend federal regulations to the end of April.

So, with all of the importance of the ventilators that are needed for patients facing the most serious heights of Coronavirus, it is important to have the proper number available. This includes those who are already facing this issue strongly, but also the preparation for the number of patients that may be coming in based on the rates that are calculated.

Definitely with much to calculate and prepare for anyway, not having the proper number of ventilators is an extremely risky situation for all medical caregivers in this situation. This would leave them with the responsibility of choosing which patient would be more important to survive over another, something that is a very unethical practice.

According to a recent statement, this would be about 100,000 over the next 100 days, and we can only hope that will be soon enough to have those for the hospitals that need them. Therefore, with what has been mentioned about auto corporations being hired to produce ventilators nationally, we can only hope that they will start getting those out to these states and their hospitals that are in great need.

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