We’re looking at a little virus here… but it still has the potential to change our nation

And it doesn’t respect borders or boundaries. This invisible warrior has already made a huge dent in our nation, likely even more so than it did to other countries around the world. There is much left to do in order to help ensure that all of our nationwide healthcare staff will remain safe, that we will all have the potential to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe… the best thing to do is to remain at home as much as possible.

That was a quote I heard a couple of nights ago on the same live news report that I have been watching for a majority of my days in front of the television with my laptop, so I continue writing about the siege of COVID-19 on the United States. It helps to tell us while we are constantly addressing the widespread expansion of this virus, though it doesn’t exist in one city or state alone at a time. With all of the additional cities and other areas since NYC that have started to explode exponentially with massive numbers of COVID-19 cases and a growing number of deaths as well.

Gov. Cuomo has stated that this has the potential to change all of our lives in one way or another. It is in the process of changing the entire nation, or even the world with the effect that it has on the people that it takes over. Luckily, we have heard now from Trump that it is important for the entire nation to follow social distancing and other regulations until at least the end of April. With so many state “stay-at-home” orders at this point, there is so much more that we can do as a nation together to help ensure that the explosion of these cases and deaths will hopefully start to slow soon.

The best thing we can do is stay at home ourselves unless something is absolutely essential to take care of, and we can also share the message of the importance of staying at home with others. Take care all of you, and stay safe and healthy throughout this dark pandemic!


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