Potential economic collapse surrounding the Coronavirus: Can we recover?

As I am sure many of you have heard by now… in the first two weeks that many businesses have closed their doors during COVID-19, what could be considered the deadliest pandemic to enter our nation, there is much to think about the number of American workers left in the dark.

In the very first two weeks of the Coronavirus crisis, we have almost 10 million Americans already having made the initial claim for unemployment benefits, leaving an incredibly large scar on both the federal and state economies from coast to coast. While there have been many supplies recommended as coming from the stimulus package that is intended to help companies keep their employees on the payroll throughout this tragedy, there are many who are left out in the dark as to what their greatest support will be as this issue continues to run on.

There is no answer at this point for how long the COVID-19 virus and its economic detriment to our nation. What will we be able to do in order to recover from this? And we have a president standing at a podium saying that the economy will bounce back better than ever in no time at all. This is a public health crisis that is causing an economic downfall, and there is almost nothing better that can be presented than how “perfect” our economy was before, and how “wonderful” we have it and will be able to gain right away.

So many experts provide so much more information about the most important needs and concerns that we have in our nation at this point. The stimulus package was likely a good start to hopefully help the people across the United States have a little bit of padding in what they will need to get through at least the next few months while we are all living burrowed in our homes. Will this be able to support the people who can’t afford to pay their mortgages, utilities, and other bills?

So many people have a broad array of worries when it comes to this healthcare issue, there is much to put out into the future about what needs to be considered for economic recovery. It has to be accepted, even by the president who is in the stages of a re-election campaign, that it is more important to show that he wants to help with the survival of American lives before bringing the American economy back to the “perfect” level he had supposedly created before.

One thing that I definitely like to hear the most among everyone who provides a theme, statement, or another claim about Coronavirus is the fact that as Americans we must pull together to make things work. We must all work together to help support one another for improved health and safety, whether that means the work of state and local governments, neighbors, communities, charities, and much more. Even more so, the federal government has the ability to blanket all of America with regulations that can work to benefit the safety and health from coast to coast.

I know that I can only hope to see much more positive work for healthcare first, knowing that with the strength of the people internally all Americans will be able to work to pull the economy back together as well.

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