Worsening by the hour…

Even more so than what I brought to the table earlier today, the number of cases and deaths throughout our own nation (while much less than the world as a whole) continues to grow by the hour.

National and global travel remains… we have closed so many hundreds of thousands of restaurants, bars, shops, and other small retail businesses, and we have many large travel corporations still open to carry Americans from one state to another through the air, on trains, on buses, and much more. Apparently, there has been a presentation or at least a statement that there are tests being completed as travelers are getting on board and exiting all of these travel areas, but there is much more that we can do.

If we have been telling all Americans that the BEST WAY TO FOLLOW SOCIAL DISTANCING IS TO STAY HOME, then there is no reason that the allowance of travel should remain for the importance of keeping airlines and other travel and tourism companies in their business. I’m sorry, but that is completely ridiculous!

I am trying not to light up in flagrant yelling throughout my thoughts here, especially as we are growing to be the largest global nation of cases and deaths… at least where we will be very soon. 244,000+ cases and about 6,000 deaths show that the numbers in our nation are growing by the hours. Hell, we could almost say it grows by the minute.

Have you noticed already that almost every time you turn on the television with reporters providing an update, that there is a reason for your jaw to drop to the ground? I’m sorry, there has to be something about the way that this is being handled that could be changed completely in order to save all the American people from this deadly little invisible virus. Isn’t there more we could learn from what other countries have done… or didn’t do?

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