Potential suggestion for everyone to wear masks in public!

masksWell, as the CDC regulations and recommendations in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States continue to grow, we now have the idea presented of face masks being worn by everyone when they venture out into the public. No matter what your essential errands may be, the continued message from the CDC is that we should all take action to work for the health and safety of everyone around us.

In the effort of wearing some sort of face mask or at least a covering that would withhold the breath and droplets coming from everyone’s mouth, we would all be able to prevent the exposure of COVID-19 to others on the chance that ALL OF US are asymptomatic carriers.

masks3So, what would you be able to look for as a proper facial covering? Luckily, there is no reason to take away from the healthcare professionals who need the strongest and highest quality face masks that continue to run out in the hospitals where they work. There are plenty made from cloth, or even the use of scarves, that can still help keep everyone from exhaling virus-filled breath. You may have no reason to worry about whether or not you would obtain COVID-19 while you practice quality social distancing, but with so many unknown details as to how the virus is transferred from one person to another, there is no better phrase than “better safe than sorry.”

Luckily, there are even some fun and stylish options for these face coverings, masks, and scarves, or whatever else you would like to use for safely covering your face. By at least using sturdy material, you will be able to continue making these for yourself and others as a fun activity while you are stuck at home during these “stay-at-home” months still sitting in front of us. masks4

Even though there is plenty to remain unpleasant and boring during the storm of the Coronavirus and everything it has yet to throw upon us, you can still accept it as a part of our lives. It is simply something that has happened and we can all work together to make sure that we remain safe and healthy while helping ensure the same for all of those around us. Some of those on the news have mentioned this as a great activity that their own kids have taken on while they are stuck at home during these boring months, having made masks for themselves, their family, and neighbors as well. Take a look at some of these… they could match your personal style!

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