Are we close to slowing the curve?

So, the U.S. is just over 450,000 cases of Coronavirus and 16,000 deaths, many states still report that the constant following of stay-at-home recommendations are helping reduce the cases in the ICUs of many hospitals across the nation. But, there is still no point to stand down just yet.

Things get harder and more stressful the longer we all have to remain locked indoors, but if this is the best-proven method to curve the peak in cases and deaths, then we all must work together to keep our distance.

Staying separate. Keeping a distance. Something that is so incredibly hard when we have a president who speaks daily about the importance of restarting the economy.

Have the presidential administration and state governors reached a sort of stand-still? It seems like governors are so much more concerned about the health and safety of their constituents in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, while the president is all set to put together a second task force to plan how he will fire up the engine of the American economy ASAP.

Is there a way that everyone can come to an agreement? Listening to many governors and mayors interview on the news, they seem to succumb to the fact that they need not battle the government in their requests for equipment and other needs for fighting the Coronavirus.

Will we potentially lead to a further downfall of the American economy if we let the administration continue in this capacity? I can only believe that we have much more value in listening to the scientific and medical experts on the initial steps of getting our country back to normal, and returning everything to “online” status. Or at least being an in-person culture. I know that it scares me to think that Trump’s speedy emphasis on returning to business as usual appears to be more important than the health of the American people.

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