We still need testing…

Fast tests… We hear constantly about the many rapid tests that are of much better value for the testing needs of our nation and how soon they will be available to medical facilities. However, so many doctors, nurses, and other healthcare experts are constantly saying that their hospitals and other locations are extremely short on tests. Why don’t we have the COVID-19 tests needed for our healthcare workers and first responders who are working to save our lives in this pandemic? Why don’t we have the tests available to collect data on those who have the antibodies to help those with the disease and assist in the president’s overwhelming desire to reopen the economy?

Nationwide testing… I have to admit that no matter what is stated, the president continues to deny the fact that more Coronavirus tests are needed across the nation. For everyone. At one point upon the initial onset of this pandemic in the U.S., the president stood in the middle of the CDC in Atlanta and stated to television cameras that every American who wanted a test has access to one. Now he denies that he made that statement, and claims that millions of tests are on their way out to testing sites, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and more. Almost every week for the past month that claim has been made, with another million or two million tests coming out in the next few days. Where are all of these tests that are supposedly on their way?

Antibody testing… I can’t pretend that I have a complete scientific understanding of this factor, except for the fact that it is still “coming online” as stated by the VP today, and it has been predicted for several weeks now along with the other claims. What about these magic drugs? And this vaccine that the president wanted to claim would be available immediately? It’s like these are similar to all of the ridiculous claims that Trump made as a presidential candidate and has still failed to provide to the American people.

All of these Coronavirus tests need to be developed as they have been promised over and over again by the pandemic team speaking daily in briefings. When will we catch up with the testing needs of our national researchers and medical workers?

This is all so much more important than the drugs that the president claims to be so glorious. Data is needed across the nation if there is any way that the economy may be re-opened safely with those who may have some immunity to the Coronavirus.

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