Recovering the economy in an eco-friendly manner…another possibility

Okay, we know that Trump has no intention of considering global warming as a true issue for our planet and definitely not as something that could be an overall improvement to our nation’s environmental and economical quality.

But, there is so much to think about when it comes to the steps we must create in order to rebuild the American economy after the COVID-19 health emergency. There is much more to think about this virus at a source than a single wet market in economy

We already have some governors forcing their states into economic reopening when there is no health recovery being made. With these sudden decisions being made by some states there is much more to consider about the risk of increased Coronavirus cases and deaths.

Seeing that our nation is almost at 800,000 cases and over 42,000 deaths, there is much more to be considered in the balance that our country could gain from increasing testing and making sure that states have a steady deduction in cases for 14 days before opening. That has been completely ignored.

With the lacking of care for the health of our citizens, how much care is there for the wellness of our environment? I just saw something very interesting that met with something that I consider about the ability we have to work toward the improvement of overcoming global warming.

If we are going to have to work to rebuild our economy anyway as a response to the Coronavirus pandemic, then there is definitely room to work with the needs of our environment. So many new jobs would be available with increased technologies and other needs that would help manage global warming. And the United States could be the nation to lead the way rather than stepping backward into the fossil fuel industry for our economic recovery.

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