Will Unemployment Continue to Grow?

So, as of Thursday we saw that another 3.8 million people had applied for unemployment for the first time during the previous week. With all of these millions of people actually able to apply, how much of the population can we truly estimate to be unemployed or at least underemployed?unemploymentbenefits

With the number of people constantly applying going up, the promise for weekly additions, and the reduced number of people who would likely be approved, there is much to worry about in whether some of these employees can actually apply at all. Those placed on furlough may not even be able to gain benefits and have to rely on their employers to help them along through the period of this pandemic.

Some economic analysts believe that we may be at least to about 25% nationwide, equal to or slightly over the amount it was during the Depression of the 1930s. How are we planning to recover from this? Especially how are we expected to blast the American economy back from this point on some sort of glorious, rapid recovery?

unemployment2It becomes harder and harder to listen the the president and his speeches that were at one point an attempt to remain positive during this hard time as being more than a political move to nudge his voters to staying on his side over the next few months or so.

We all have to think of how the 2020 vote may be affecting the way that Trump has addressed this health tragedy all across our nation. With the focus on the economy and his only positive political attribute, there is much to consider regarding the number of healthy Americans who will actually be able to hold up the workplace when it reopens…

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