And I continue watching about the Coronavirus…

Can we only hope that as a nation and world we will come out of this pandemic even stronger than we entered? There is more to it than health, but overall we are entering a torturous degradation that is at least as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s. It took us almost 100 years to enter this round of despair yet again, but there is something that has to be gained from it in the end. Maybe the healthcare industry will learn what they are capable of. Or, it could be the pharmaceuticals and medical device companies who learn what they are needed for in order to make sure that the people of this country are kept healthy when a true emergency arises. unemploymenyt

However, what do we think about the value of all of the workers who have previously not been considered “essential” to our nation? We have a president who doesn’t really spend much time on a podium thinking about the medical professionals, first responders, and other public workers who are still required to face the front lines of this pandemic on a daily basis. There is something to be so angry about at this point. With a mindless and heartless leader, there is nothing to consider about how he has handled himself and a position on this battle if he were to ever honestly be in the midst of a true “war.” 

Something gives me the hunch that he found a way to make sure that this issue would make its way into our nation massively in order to provide a sort of emergency-related issue to attach to his next campaign. So much has to be questioned in the way that he yells at journalists right there inside the White House press briefings. His constant denial of the things he has said and done over the past months and years is also just preposterous in relation to what he is doing to this day throughout our country.

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