Watching the history of American Coronavirus

We sit here almost halfway into the year 2020 and it is absolutely nothing like I would have pictured my life when I was a little girl. I always thought of the cartoon The Jetsons as what our cities and homes would be like when we neared the end of the first quarter of the 21st century…not so much this negative, damning effect that so many political, economic, health, environmental, and other issues have had on the lives of so many different generations that are crammed onto the earth today.coronavirus2

Think about the fact that we are all forced into a life of social distancing right now, even though there is much less space available to remain apart from one another as each day moves forward in our time here on earth. The population continues to grow, and cities that are so jam-packed with people in little tiny apartments have thousands and thousands of people suffering and dying from Coronavirus constantly. 

This increases the question of where there may be worth living here in our country much longer. There is something about our president that makes me think he only cares about the economy and the death of our population is absolutely nothing to him. A heartless antagonist with nothing more than money to worry about. So, what do we do as a nation? There has to be more to do about standing up to him and this disease than simply waiting for the election that comes up in about six months. Covid Medical Staff

I know that there has been so much in me that thinks a lot more of listening to my own instincts when it comes to what I will be able to do and what I should do. I have the greatest feeling that a majority of the politicians leading our nation are so shallow and mindless that there is no reason to trust the efforts they have placed on recovering from a virus that has placed the United States at the top of once of the worst sort of ranking lists around. We have about one-third of the existing cases of this disease in the world and about 25% of the deaths that have occurred as well. Along with that, we have a president who continues to flash his ego about in front of television cameras and exaggerate how wonderful he is and how amazingly he has handled our nation’s challenge with this pandemic.

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