Have We Reached Insanity?

There seems to be so much coming along the nation, where the overall number of cases continues to rise (well over a million at this point), and we come close to passing that original estimate for the number of deaths that would happen in total.

So much is important about social distancing, about the masks that are required in certain areas and locations, and there have been horrible actions as a result. A security guard shot at a store when he asked a guest to put on a face mask as required by the state. A park officer pushed into a lake when he asked some visitors to work harder to follow social distancing guidelines that are still recommended by the nation.

At this point, there are so many rioters that have been literally encouraged by the president to stand out against his own words spoken at the podium of his daily briefings. So, what is the actual case of the matter?

This is so sad, as horrible behavior continues, making the potential spread of the virus and deaths not even directly related to the virus itself larger than ever. We are already over 70,000 deaths here in the U.S. alone, and there is nothing really being done to work on improving the health needs related to COVID-19. Everything is much more about the return of the economy… including winding down the task force that has been assigned to cover the virus itself.

What would the dive back into the work on re-opening do to our nation as a whole? This is something that has just reached insanity, both in the crazed behavior of Americans who can’t seem to address the virus comfortably.

Quite simply, there is no reason for all of this. And there is plenty that we can do about it…together. We have plenty to offer one another in support and without our own quality behavior, the leaders of our nation see that they have the ability to direct the American people all over the place without any control or stability at all. It’s time to pull ourselves together and bring things to the best sort of normal that we can come up with, even if it means we still need to stay at home most of the time.

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