How are Hydroxychloroquine studies going so far?

The drug that the president kept pushing day after day, something about it being a potential turning point for the treatment of Coronavirus seems to be receiving a different response from physicians and researchers as time goes on.

This so-called “game-changer” has not been working that way in trials, even the emergency uses where it was approved to be used on occasion. However, there is no real time that he seems to answer questions about what other options may be.

With the answer of “What do you have to lose?” there is something about the president’s willingness to risk the lives of Ameican patients in order to improve his own image as the key problem-solver of this issue across the nation.

And now the task force is being disbanded, at least in the near future. There is much less focus on the virus itself and what is needed to remove it from our nation, in order to improve the health of our people.

So, I don’t know how many others of you spend more time listening to governor Andrew Cuomo of New York over the president. I have found myself yelling at the TV so many nights when Trump is supposedly briefing the nation, though he seems to be lashing out at the journalists who present questions and trying to show his popularity by the number of people that watch his briefings.

So, I make a point of changing the channel. I’ll let the CNN anchors tell me about it later. His position on this drug and others have become so ridiculous that there is just no reason to listen any longer. Apparently more people taking the drug are dying than those who don’t…and that has to be a symbol on its own.



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