Is it a risk to re-open?

At this point, there have been requirements presented by the White House (following the CDC) for states to determine that cases are reducing for 14 days straight before starting a re-opening process. However, Trump is approving governors nationwide to work in denial of this requirement before opening their statewide businesses.

With the dozens of states that have started their stages of re-opening, basically none of them meet this requirement as of yet. Has the desire to reapply the economy more than the safety and health of citizens become more important to leaders across the country?open economy

Even more, nationwide meatpacking plants are being forced to re-open by the president because of what he believes to be the most important role of the Defense Production Act. While the use of it in the production of healthcare products nationwide took months from the initial recognition of Coronavirus and the needs for healthcare locations, somehow the importance of economic-related factories has become more important.

Something just doesn’t make sense at this point. States that are trying to open again are already in the process of increasing the number of COVID-19 cases recorded, along with the deaths that occur. Is this really worth the re-opening of salons, restaurants, all retail, and other businesses? I must say that it scares me for what may happen here in my state if re-opening stages start far too early!

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