Remdesivir – Is it worth it? Is it a real answer?

A drug that has finally shown to help with the recovery time from Coronavirus… even though there is no specific drug that has yet been found to cure or treat the disease.

Remdesivir is an experimental broad-spectrum antiviral drug originally designed to target Ebola. Researchers have found that Remdesivir is highly effective at fighting the novel coronavirus in isolated cells. 

This treatment is not yet approved in humans, but two clinical trials for this drug have been implemented in China. One clinical trial was recently also approved by the FDA in the United States. So, how far have the trials made way along with human cases?

While Remdesivir has been approved for emergency trials, it appears that the national inventory of the drug is now running low across the nation. Produced by Gilead, if there is truly an effective response from this drug, there are many questions as to how this can be marketed safely, how to produce it adequately, and making sure that the final results are still eventually found.

Still being a trial, this is hard to imagine, and I have to say that I would be reluctant to put all of my eggs in one basket with something that hadn’t been fully tested. Considering something that is used to fight a completely new virus, there is something that we have to know even more so when it comes to things like vaccines and all of the ways that the virus works.

I have to wonder, do we all have more questions than we get answers for at this point? There is so much to look forward to in the future, making it hard to believe that there would be one quality drug or treatment to rely upon at this point.

The longest question…how long will this pandemic go on? A drug may not be the answer to the virus. The only answer may be the actions of the American people and our leaders.

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