Moving forward against topics other than COVID?

So many other issues exist throughout our country despite the issue of Coronavirus and what it is doing to the American people.

One thing that happens is the current distraction created from Trump’s issue with immigration. Talking constantly about further building the wall, though there is nothing that it really has to do with COVID-19 making its way into the United States.

Also, we could take it upon ourselves to address a much more valuable issue for nature, the environment, and technology. All of this has so much to say about the work we need to do for global warming as well as energy efficiency. There needs to be much change in the cars that we drive, the energy systems for our homes, and power for the communities. Fossil fuels need to be removed. Slowly but surely.

It’s more important for everyone to stand up against the distractions that are presented, presenting the fact that our health issue can be overcome and later placing more importance upon environmental improvement. Would you all be able to act against the ridiculous leadership that we have faced for the past three years?

We will be at a new presidential election in just a few months. But, there is so much more that can be reported in the news and social media. We all have the right to bring the honesty to the front of the line!

There may be something more to think about in the future that health issues like Coronavirus can be much better overcome if environmental detriment is reduced.


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