Is Our President Downplaying the Importance of Memorial Day?

I now see another interesting set of events that have been presented on the news…another entirely low on the part of our president. I find it even harder to use the word “president” as I hear of some of these on the news right now.

Today is supposed to be served in complete memorial of all the veterans of our nation, especially those who have given their lives in honor of our country. Even more, we now have the first responders and other frontline employees who risk their lives to work on the part of Americans in the presence of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have lost nearly 100,000 lives to this invisible, global enemy over the past four months, and he tweets ridiculous messages across the internet instead of memories of all those American lives lost. This is completely ridiculous behavior, even by someone who is not the president of our country!

Some of the images that I saw presented on the news were completely morbid, along with sexist claims against women, accusing a TV personality of murder, and continuing along the path of his many conspiracy theories regarding the Coronavirus and other events across our country.

All I can say is that it makes me almost embarrassed to be an American at this point. We should have a leader much more focused upon the people of our nation and pulling them together than being such a media and negative figure toward others.

I can only hope that we see a change in about 5 months!

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