Surrogate infants trapped in Ukraine

Ukraine scandal… 51 mothers left without the babies that they needed to get from surrogate mothers. Other reports mention as many as 100 babies, with so much responsibility placed upon the hospital employees who must play the mother-like role for these newborns.

Due to COVID-19 and what it has spread across the world, there could be infants without access to their true parents. But, imagine this story from the position of a mother who was relying upon the assistance of a surrogate mother to bring her first child into the world?

Beautiful and healthy babies, dozens of them, all stuck in a hospital without the ability for their mothers to take them home. And dozens of mothers unable to see their children for the first time.

Such a heartbreaking feeling, knowing that the one most beloved connection in the world between a parent and child cannot be experienced in person.

What would there be to do without knowing how long this will last? How long it will be before these mothers are able to go and pick up their newborns to take home? While it be well past the newborn stage? Will they miss the first growth spurt of their babies? How much will that hurt?

Good luck to those mothers! I can only promise them it will still be the most glorious and happy event to see your babies for the first time.

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