Congrats to the class of 2020: You should go on to follow your dreams!

Congratulations again to all of the graduates this spring. I am one too!

I can definitely understand all of the chaos and worry that you have faced over the past few months. There is even less confidence in what you will be able to expect in the next stages of life, whether you have finished high school and are moving on to college or graduated college and are entering the work force.

Even if you are like me and graduated college and looking to go on for your master’s degree, many universities nationwide will remain online. It’s a frightening and unsteady world that we live in today. Especially with the incredible level of effect that Coronavirus has on the United States.

Hopefully, after all of these sudden changes and the immediate flip from traditional to digital education, you have learned about your own capability for change. You can learn about your ability to change with many different situations, moving among all sorts of needs to improve your own life.

There is no need to rely on others for the next stage of your life. We may be in a situation similar to the Great Depression of the 1930s, but the gig economy offers you the ability to create your own future. Basically, everyone has had to work from home for several months now, and there is much to think about what this may tell us for the future.

Let’s think it over a little more and we will continue talking about it later this week!

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