How Far Must COVID-19 Go in the U.S. for Masks to become Required?

Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise exponentially…yet again.

Our president walks openly through COVID-19 hot spots full of people close to him…not wearing a mask though all of them are.

We have reached the point that some of the nation’s largest retailers like Walmart plan to require masks at all locations. Even though we have seen many videos on the news and the web of backlash occurring from some shoppers, there has to be a way to bring some control to this issue. There needs to be a source of consistent leadership from the top.

At this point the answers to COVID-19 questions are constantly avoided by the president, at the same time that he turns a so-called speech to update the people on our progress into a campaigning rampage.

I know that as a simple blogger here from my couch there are dozens or even hundreds of questions I could ask about managing the safety and health of the American people from the coronavirus.

  1. Requiring masks?
  2. Closing public locations?
  3. PPE inventory for the medical community?
  4. Hospital and health management?

There are so many questions that we can throw at the president, only to hear back his personal stabs at Joe Biden. So, what will it take to get a true answer from the task force?

“Sudden love for Dr. Fauci” reportedly has come from many members of the White House staff in the past few days. Now, we just need to see who can kick our “president” into the logistical pool of scientific data that supports the need to RESET our country for the true leveling off of the virus.

Remember, at this point, we haven’t even made it through the first wave. Dr. Fauci himself stated that we have barely seen the beginning. If nothing is done in an immediate and drastic manner, the number of deaths could top well over 200,000 by November.

I know that the American people as a whole are in my thoughts and prayers, Democrats and Republicans alike. Mr. President, please sit down and listen to your advisors and scientists NOW!

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