Has COVID-19 Become a Dividing Line within the GOP?

So, the question of masks is one of the leading topics that comes up between all of the Republican government members over the recent weeks. Is there a need for a national mask mandate? Would that be one of the steps to help the U.S. truly recover? Without national leadership on this topic, there has become a battle within a single party…making COVID-19 a more political issue than ever.

With many cities requiring masks, or even national retailers having placed their own mandates in place, the leadership has fallen extremely far down the ladder. It is now more the responsibility of store employees than our government leaders to try and control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seeing many stories online about store clerks being attacked by shoppers, I now question more than ever the ability of our country to recover from this pandemic at all. At least while we remain under the leadership of this so-called president. (Considering this lack of national leadership I find myself farther and farther from the capability to call him a “president.”)

With so more topics that have found themselves in between Republican members of Congress and Trump alone, there is much to consider about what we see in the news. Many Republican Congress members, along with state and city leaders nationwide, are even taking silent action to speak out against the president regarding things like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. They all do so right in front of him at many o these events we see on TV, respecting the requests of the cities they visit.

How much further will we see it go? So many people are tired of the Coronavirus as a whole. People are becoming complacent, being a partial reason leading to those spikes. If there can’t even be agreement and leadership from the Capitol, how can we get some agreement and action taken nationwide among the American people?


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