How will the MLB work among the COVID pandemic?

So, Dr. Fauci thre out the first pitch in this long-delayed opening day of the national MLB season. Last year’s national champs, The Washington Nationals, greatly respect this medical expert and the social distancing that will be upheld during this very short season.

This resembles something along the lines of the closure we all experienced throughout the spring, and the many spikes that are causing additional fear right now. Without the ability to have fans in the stands, no spitting, masks required, and much more to manage the further spread of COVID-19, there is at least something for Americans to enjoy live on television at this time.

Coming to think of the lack of sports on TV while so many of us have been locked into our homes so many months over the past year, there is somewhat of an American tradition back in front of us today.  The season may not be perfect or even close to what we are used to, but there is a great adjustment that we all made around Coronavirus and its effect on our nation.

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is killing hundreds or even thousands of Americans daily. Reaching peaks of more than 1,000 or even 1,200 in a single day, the desire of watching professional baseball has been placed on the back burner. Hopefully, it will at least provide a slight amount “normalcy” on the TV that we love during our summer months.

So, what may come to us next? Something that will at least seem like the America we love? A country where we trust the ability to walk the streets?

For the time being, continue with caution for the complete safety and health of yourself and your family during the Coronavirus pandemic. Science and the data will help us get there soon enough. We are all in this together and something will be done about it eventually. The man in the oval office may not be the most trustworthy voice of our nation at the time, but we have doctors, scientists, and many others who are working relentlessly on vaccines and other treatments for COVID-19. We will make it eventually.

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