Coronavirus – Pushed me away from the national news

I have realized over the past couple of weeks that I have no real patience for the national news channels anymore. As much as I used to have them on in the background while I work throughout the day, listening to things that were happening with COVID-19 and around the world, it has just become tiresome.

I hate to think that I have given up on our country. But, are we becoming no stronger than a third-world country when it comes to the protection of our people?

So, what about the rest of you? It’s so much more of a political battle. Everything around our country, every single topic from A to Z. Everyone has to be divided on everything and there is nothing but an argument everywhere about everything.

I mean, the news reports have always been at least a little negative and a little hard to listen to, but it has come to the point of depression. There was a report showing a publication from Michelle Obama on the range of mild depression that has come even to her as a result of Coronavirus in America.

How much is this affecting the mental health of the rest of Americans? Those who have no access or desire to share their concerns with others? People who don’t have insurance and can’t visit a mental health professional? Those who have been driven to the point of depression or anxiety that they didn’t have in the past?

I know this is something that is hard on those already diagnosed with these issues. But, how much is this increasing in our country? We see the numbers of Coronavirus cases and deaths constantly, but what about the people facing secondary issues resulting from the pandemic?

Oh…it’s like we are a third-world country unable to grab hold of an illness taking control of our entire population in one way or another.

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