NBA Teams Stand Up Against National Police Violence Issues

It is interesting to hear about two NBA teams that have worked so hard to keep players safe to complete the season now standing out against police violence by boycotting their own playoff game.

We can understand why the Milwaukee Bucks would do this, as the most recent shooting of a young, unarmed Black man is close to their hometown. However, it is also interesting to learn that this was a combined effort of both teams for this game with Orlando.

Knowing that the NBA was the first professional sports league to act out against the national response to the pandemic, we have so much to see about what they are able to do. What will we see this fall?

There is so much more to expect as to what may happen in other sports that remain with the potential to begin games very soon.

So much has happened throughout 2020 that placed danger upon all athletics around our nation. So many social instances on top of the pandemic have taken place, and we somehow live in a more violent world. And our nation a huge part of that.

These athletes may make a large salary no matter how often they play, but by removing themselves from the court or the field they are walking away from their passion. These athletes do something they love so much, and in order to stand out against the damage being done to our country they are willing to give that up to make a statement.

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